Tellurian Inc. is in no hurry to sell all of the 27 million metric tons/year (mmty) of liquefied natural gas (LNG) capacity from the proposed Driftwood export project in Louisiana even though there’s an opportunity to do so, according to CEO Octávio Simões.


The company has agreed to supply 9 mmty of LNG from the unsanctioned terminal at prices linked to the Japan-Korea Marker (JKM) and Title Transfer Facility (TTF). The pricing model is a departure from other U.S. export projects that largely buy gas or sell LNG at prices linked to the more stable Henry Hub.

“We could have sold all of it, all 27 mmty on JKM and TTF,” Simões said during an interview with NGI on the sidelines of the recent North American Gas Forum in Washington, DC. “We had all kinds of people that...