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LNG Insight Data Suite

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LNG Data Suite Includes:

LNG Arbitrage Curves: Forward monthly arbitrage spreads from Sabine Pass to Europe and Asia going out 12 months.

LNG DES Prices: Forward monthly delivered ex ship (DES) prices going out three months.

LNG Flow Data: Rolling seven-day history of pipeline deliveries of natural gas to each of the major U.S. LNG export facilities broken out by feeder pipeline.

LNG Landed Costs: Forward monthly landed costs from Sabine Pass to Europe and Asia going out 12 months.

LNG Landed Prices: Landed prices of LNG delivered to various countries from Sabine Pass.

LNG Netback Prices: Forward monthly netback prices going out 12 months.

LNG Shipping Costs: Forward monthly shipping cost curves from the Gulf of Mexico to various delivery benchmarks like TTF and NBP going out 12 months.

LNG Slope to Brent Crude Price: Asia slope to Brent crude oil price.

LNG Vessel Rate Curves: Forward monthly vessel rates going out 12 months.

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