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NGI’s Hub & Flow Podcast

NGI’s Hub & Flow is a podcast for busy natural gas professionals interested in a quick take on the North American energy market. Join NGI’s trusted reporters, editors and analysts as they discuss what is driving supply and demand fundamentals, prices and movements in the natural gas and LNG markets in the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

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May 5, 2022

Join NGI’s Mexico & Latin America Editor Christopher Lenton and guest speaker Alvaro Rios, Bolivia’s former minister of hydrocarbons and current managing director of Gas Energy Latin America, as they discuss the global natural gas market fundamentals, prices and opportunities ahead. Drilling down on LNG and natural gas markets in South America, with a keen eye on Bolivia, Argentina, Chile, Brazil and Venezuela. 


April 19, 2022

Though typically a quiet time in the natural gas market, this spring has been anything but. Natural gas prices have surged from $5.00 in mid-March to more than $8.00 in mid-April. NGI Price & Markets Editor Leticia Gonzales is joined by Aegis Hedging Solutions’ Nick Hillman, associate of market analytics, to discuss the myriad factors influencing U.S. natural gas prices … and when they may begin to come off their recent highs.

April 6, 2022

Join NGI’s Strategy & Research Director, Patrick Rau, as he lays out the current supply/demand fundamentals affecting North American natural gas prices today and what the market might look like in the near future. From drilling rig counts to pipeline projects, European demand for U.S. LNG exports to growing production in the Permian, cash flow impacts to inventory — this episode of NGI’s Hub & Flow podcast gets you up to speed on what’s impacting the industry, following the latest quarterly reports.

March 12, 2022

Nick DeIuliis, the CEO of Appalachian producer CNX Resources Corp., joins NGI Senior Editor Jamison Cocklin to discuss the intersection of politics, energy and the future of natural gas in the United States and beyond.
March 4, 2022

In this latest Hub & Flow podcast, NGI Senior Editor Christopher Lenton sits down with Gadex Consultant Eduardo Prud’homme to look at how Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is impacting global natural gas markets and in particular the ripple effects in Mexico. They talk about whether this will lead to new LNG export projects, what might happen to Mexico regulation and projects going forward, how Mexico’s government is responding to the war, and the relationship between growing global natural gas exports and local pricing. This and much more.
February 18, 2022

NGI’s Leticia Gonzales, Price & Markets Editor, and Patrick Rau, Director of Strategy & Research, provide you with a highlight reel of some of the natural gas market’s major drivers this winter. From monster snowstorms and record LNG export demand to pipeline adequacy concerns and production growth, NGI’s experts discuss the impacts these factors and others are having on natural gas prices this winter.