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bidweek, weekly & daily price index data

Robust and Dependable Price Data from NGI
NGI's Natural Gas Price Indexes are published in daily, weekly and monthly (Bidweek) data streams and include pricing hubs such as Chicago Citygate, SoCal Border Avg., PG&E Citygate, Malin, Houston Ship Channel, and Henry Hub to name a few. FERC Approved and Utilized by Intercontinental Exchange
  • Bi-lateral "derivative swap" contract deals between buyers and sellers in the natural gas marketplace.
  • Deals transacted on the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) trading platform, which references NGI at several of its "Index Future" trading hubs.
  • Referenced in dozens of FERC jurisdictional natural gas pipeline company "Cash-Out" Tariffs
Since 2008, NGI has been receiving and utilizing in its Index determination process, transaction data from the ICE trading platform. Additionally, NGI enjoys price reporting relationships and confidentiality agreements directly with many of the top natural gas marketers/traders who report their deals directly to NGI for inclusion alongside the ICE data in the Index determination process. More information is available in NGI's Price Index Methodology. Key differentiators:
  • One of two* Price Reporting Agencies (PRAs) permitted to include Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) natural gas data
  • FERC approved Price Reporting Agency
  • Deep & Robust Historical Data back to 1993 (daily) and 1988 (bidweek/weekly)
  • High quality, lower-cost natural gas price index
*S&P Global/Platts began including ICE data in 2017.

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How to access:

  • API/Datafeed via NGI
  • HTML/PDF “flat” file via NGI
  • Integration Partners, such as ICE Connect, Enverus, Refinitiv,  and Bloomberg
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