Mexico Gas Price Index

impactful Mexico natural gas news, market commentary, pricing, and fundamentals

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Launched in conjunction with the 2017 gas deregulation, Mexico Gas Price Index is an invaluable daily news and pricing information service focused on price transparency in the Mexico natural gas market.


Why subscribe:

  • Trustworthy insights, access to analysts and journalists, and exceptional customer service
  • On-the-ground news coverage of key market events impacting Mexican fundamentals
  • Experienced insight into Mexican regulatory requirements, process guidelines, and governmental oversight
  • Regular interviews with Mexico natural gas subject matter experts
  • NGI-calculated cost-plus-transport pricing, as well as official IPGN pricing
  • Calculated Wahalajara prices
  • Natural gas pipeline flow data at US-Mexico border and within Mexico
  • Sistrangas pipeline flows
  • Mexico day-ahead nodal power prices
  • Impactful U.S. day-ahead spot market prices
  • U.S. forward curves at key Mexico-related locations
  • Robust article archives

How to access:

  • Web access
  • PDF and enewsletter
  • NGI delivery platform partners
  • Enterprise subscriptions available

Who should subscribe:

  • Marketers looking to sell natural gas into or within Mexico
  • U.S. producers trying to understand Mexican demand
  • Mexican buyers seeking trustworthy, impartial pricing
  • Financial institutions
  • Government and regulatory agencies
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