LNG Data Suite

key daily data to support North American natural gas and LNG business decisions

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NGI's LNG Data Suite provides daily data of Netback Prices, Arbitrage Curves, U.S. LNG Export Flow Data, Shipping Costs, Vessel Rate Curves (West of Suez), Landed Prices, Latin America DES Prices, Prompt Month Futures Prices and Slope-to-Brent Prices (Slopes). 
Why subscribe:
  • Netback Prices that measure the value of LNG sold on a FOB basis along the U.S. Gulf Coast and various other locations throughout North America
  • Arbitrage Curves showing the profitability of shipping LNG from Sabine Pass to Asia and Europe for the next 12 months
  • U.S. LNG Export Flow Data include a rolling 7-day history of deliveries to each of the major operating U.S. LNG export terminals, broken out by feeder pipeline
  • Shipping Costs representing the estimated round-trip cost to transport LNG from Sabine Pass to Asia and Europe
  • Daily spot market Vessel Rate Curves offering a snapshot of what spot market LNG vessel rates could look like over the next 12 months (West of Suez)
  • Spot month Landed Prices that show spreads over the last year to ship LNG from Sabine Pass to Northwest Europe and Japan
  • Latin America DES Prices that measure the price of LNG for the next three months, delivered ex-ship to Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Mexico East (Altamira), Mexico West (Manzanillo), and Panama
  • Prompt Month Futures Prices for Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Slovakia, Spain, and the U.K. expressed in $US/MMbtu
  • Slope-to-Brent Prices (Slopes) that show the percentage at which Asian LNG trades to Brent crude oil and how close they are to approaching the all important full oil price parity level of 17.2%
How to access:

Who should subscribe:

  • Global LNG buyers and sellers
  • Natural gas analysts, marketers, and traders
  • Natural gas producers, pipeline, and construction companies
  • LNG shipping companies
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