Daily Gas Price Index

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NGI’s Daily Gas Price Index delivers accurate and dependable natural gas price indexes and market insights. As one of two exclusive price reporting agencies incorporating transactions conducted on the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), we offer robust market transparency, empowering you to make informed decisions with clarity.

Additionally, the service includes wide-ranging coverage of the global LNG market, with a particular focus on North America’s role. Key fundamentals are also tracked across Asia, Europe and Latin America. With this perspective, you gain a holistic view of the market, enabling strategic maneuvers and maximizing opportunities for success.
Why subscribe:
  • Daily physical spot natural gas price indexes at 160+ locations in North America
  • Benchmark pricing for Chicago and California markets
  • News and analysis of key natural gas & LNG market events
  • Daily breakdown of physical market natural gas price activity throughout the U.S. and Canada
  • North American LNG netback prices and U.S. LNG Arbitrage Curves to Europe and Asia
  • Global LNG and natural gas futures prices, along with key shipping metrics such as vessel rates and freight costs
  • Track key fundamental data from across Asia, Europe and Latin America
  • North American LNG export tracker with daily feed gas flows to operating liquefaction terminals
  • Access to analysts and journalists, and exceptional customer service
How to access:
  • Web access - updated throughout the business day
  • PDF and e-newsletter
  • NGI delivery platform partners
  • Enterprise subscriptions available


Who should subscribe:

  • Natural gas analysts, marketers and traders
  • LDCs, utilities, and electric generators
  • Consultants and corporate development professionals
  • Global LNG buyers and sellers
  • Accounting, settlement, compliance and risk professionals
  • Investment and oil & gas valuation professionals
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