What Storm? Northeast, East NatGas Cash Prices Lead Broad, Deep Decline

Physical gas prices for Thursday delivery tumbled once again in Wednesday's trading as temperatures in some metropolitan locations were expected to approach seasonal norms while traders said the expected heavy snowfall from Winter Storm Pax actually was dampening demand. All locations reported multi-dollar losses and when averaged over the entire country, next-day gas prices tumbled more than $2.00. Read More

Near-Term Cold Pushes Spot Prices Higher; Longer Term Weather Cuts Futures

Spot natural gas for Tuesday delivery bounded higher in Monday's trading, with only one western point not in the plus column and most locations posting multi-dollar gains. Lowest increases were just under $1.00, but at the extreme end, prices gained close to $15.00. Eastern points led the charge higher, but New England and the Great Lakes were not far behind. Read More