El Paso Energy Intrastate (formerly known as Channel)experienced a rupture of its 30-inch line Monday evening nearBaytown, TX, east of Houston. There was no fire, but a voluntaryevacuation of the area was conducted, a spokeswoman said. Oneinjury was reported as a result of the evacuation, and as of middayTuesday everyone had returned home except for two families whosehomes were damaged, she said. No service interruptions are expectedas all demands are being met through gas re-routing or fuelswitching, the spokeswoman said. The line probably will be returnedto service by the end of the week. It is owned 50-50 by El PasoEnergy and Enron Corp. and is operated by El Paso Field Services.

Florida Gas Transmission kept an Overage Alert Day notice inplace Tuesday until further notice at 10% tolerance for negativedaily imbalances. However, it said due to the demand created bynear-freezing temperatures in its market area, “there is also astrong possibility” that the tolerance may be lowered today.

A System Overrun Limitation notice for all market area zones byNorthern Natural Gas remains in effect through at least today.

Pacific Gas & Electric did not extend a customer-specificOFO beyond Tuesday.

After saying Monday it expected OFOs and allocations implementedover the weekend to last through Thursday (see Daily GPI, Dec. 5), Sonat canceled at the start ofTuesday’s gas day an OFO Type 22 for its South Georgia system and anOFO Type 3 for seven mainline groups.

ANR said Tuesday that based on current weather forecasts forWisconsin, it has become increasingly important that ANR maintainsufficient receipt volumes at its Marshfield, WI, interconnect withViking. Nominations there as of the 9:00 intraday cycle Monday wereabout 208,000 Dth/d, ANR said. Any significant reduction from thoselevels may require further action such as an OFO, it said.

Citing colder weather forecasts and their impact on systemdemand, starting today Texas Eastern anticipates total restrictionof secondary volumes flowing through Lambertville (NJ) Station.Shippers without FT rights at that node will be cut. Also, thepipeline said Tuesday that current throughputs at Berne (OH)Station “are less than scheduled volumes would indicate oroperational conditions require.” Thus, to better manage supplyarriving into market zones 2 and 3, Texas Eastern is suspending allOperational Balancing Agreements with non-interstate pipes upstreamof Berne. However, it warned that all supply meters risk havingtheir markets cut if physical receipts do not match schedulednominations.

El Paso Natural Gas reported Monday experiencing an emergencyshutdown of the GE turbine at its Waha Plant. The plant is expectedto resume normal operations Thursday. Meanwhile, El Paso FieldServices has cut wellhead nominations on six area gathering systemsto zero through today.

Until further notice, NGPL said Tuesday, it is unable toschedule increases to interruptible storage withdrawals systemwidebetween WQ and MDQ for DSS, FSS and NSS customers. Best effortsservice and withdrawals over MDQ are not available. Also, startingtoday the pipeline will schedule firm withdrawals up to WQ only forDSS, FSS and NSS customers.

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