Transportation Notes

Northwest notified shippers that due to the current shut-in of Questar’s Clay Basin storage facility (see Daily GPI, Oct. 8) and the need to protect its own Jackson Prairie storage account for the upcoming winter season, “Northwest is no longer able to mitigate the overscheduling of Kemmerer” Compressor Station. Thus a recall advisory and realignment OFO were to become effective Saturday (Oct. 11) until further notice, Northwest said. It will issue the daily OFO obligations to affected parties if the primary firm scheduled quantity through Kemmerer is above the design capacity of 655,000 Dth/d. Shippers with OFO obligations must realign nominations from receipt points south of Kemmerer to receipt points north of Kemmerer, “or may elect to voluntarily reduce their nominations through Kemmerer by the OFO volume or take other mutually agreeable action to alleviate the problem,” the pipeline added.

October 13, 2008

Transportation Notes

Northwest said it will use storage gas from its Jackson Prairie facility to mitigate any impact to customers as a result of maintenance scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday at Burley Compressor Station. Northbound flow capacity at Burley will remain at the design capacity of 539,000 Dth/d during this work, Northewest said.

February 27, 2007

Transportation Notes

As a sign of some stabilization of a declining Jackson Prairie storage account balance, Northwest revised its Unauthorized Overrun Entitlement (see Daily GPI, Dec. 9) from a Stage I (at 3% imbalance tolerance) to a Stage III (13%) until further notice Monday. The entitlement affects all Receiving Party customers north of the Kemmerer (WY) Compressor Station. “To avoid penalties and a potential OFO through the Green River and Kemmerer Compressor Stations, Northwest requests your immediate cooperation and assistance to stay within your scheduled volumes by bringing on additional supplies north of Kemmerer,” the pipeline told customers, adding that it appreciated their quick response to its request to pay back imbalances owed to Northwest north of Kemmerer this past week. Customers who still owe gas to Northwest north of Kemmerer were encouraged to make payback arrangements as soon as possible. A suspension of Northwest deliveries to a CIG interconnect due to a line rupture late last week about 22 miles south of the Green River Compressor Station (see Daily GPI, Dec. 9) remained in effect Monday with no prognosis for restoration of service provided.

December 13, 2005

Transportation Notes

System integrity work on the 36-inch Grande Prairie Mainline is on schedule (see Daily GPI, Feb. 26) and all affected services are scheduled to be restored at the start of Wednesday’s gas day, NOVA reported Tuesday. Customers’ nominations will be reinstated to pre-outage levels, but Common Stream Operators will be required to submit new allocations to reflect nomination changes, NOVA said.

March 3, 2004

Transportation Notes

NOVA will restrict firm service to just over 90% of contract demand on the 36-inch Grande Prairie Mainline to allow for system integrity work that is scheduled for Friday evening through the beginning of the March 3 gas day. See the bulletin board for a list of affected stations and those that will be excluded.

February 26, 2004

Transportation Notes

Scheduled northbound volumes through the Kemmerer (WY) Compressor Station continue to exceed 500,000 Dth/d, Northwest said, while its Jackson Prairie storage account continues to decrease. Shippers were told that the pipeline will evaluate conditions on a daily basis, and if it finds that not maximizing a receipt or delivery point will alleviate the Kemmerer constraint, “please be advised that Northwest will NOT maximize these points in the Timely cycle.” The pipeline was not allowing any balancing Thursday except onto its system in the segment north of Kemmerer.

April 21, 2003

Western Pipes Gear Up to Serve Generators

With the opening of expanded gas storage and deliverability thisweek at jointly-owned Jackson Prairie in southwest Washingtonstate, interstate pipelines like Williams Northwest are trying todevelop better services for electric generation plants, which areexpected to multiply significantly in the coming years.

November 4, 1999
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