RED Index Shows Progress on U.S. Electric Choice

In a country attempting to embrace electricity restructuring,it’s no wonder that breakdowns like those experienced in Californiacan shake the foundation of programs 1,000 miles away. Not trueaccording to the Center for the Advancement of Energy Markets'(CAEM) latest Retail Energy Deregulation Index (RED Index) releasedlast week, which actually showed that a number of states arerecording progress.

February 12, 2001

Dominion Resources Records Strong 2000

Dominion Resources experienced significant growth in the year2000 — due in part to its recent merger with Consolidated NaturalGas (CNG) — and it forecasts an even stronger 2001. The companyposted consolidated operating earnings excluding special items for2000 of $787 million ($3.33 per share), reflecting a 10.6% increasein earnings per share over 1999’s output of $577 million ($3.01 pershare). Special items include a subtraction of $351 million dollarsrelated to CNG merger costs and the write-down of Dominion Capitalassets.

January 29, 2001

Transportation Notes

El Paso Energy Intrastate (formerly known as Channel)experienced a rupture of its 30-inch line Monday evening nearBaytown, TX, east of Houston. There was no fire, but a voluntaryevacuation of the area was conducted, a spokeswoman said. Oneinjury was reported as a result of the evacuation, and as of middayTuesday everyone had returned home except for two families whosehomes were damaged, she said. No service interruptions are expectedas all demands are being met through gas re-routing or fuelswitching, the spokeswoman said. The line probably will be returnedto service by the end of the week. It is owned 50-50 by El PasoEnergy and Enron Corp. and is operated by El Paso Field Services.

December 6, 2000

Transportation Notes

Questar experienced a mechanical failure Thursday in Unit #7 atits Clay Basin storage facility. Barring unexpected complications,repairs should be complete by today and the unit available forservice again on Tuesday’s gas day, the pipeline said. Injectioncapacity has been reduced to 235,000 Dth/d during the outage.Allocation of injection capacity was expected to occur each day,with the impact determined by customer nominations. However, thereis no impact on withdrawal nominations, Questar said.

July 31, 2000

Only Northern California Points Avoid Price Dives

Nearly all of Thursday’s cash market experienced the steep pricedeclines that had been anticipated after the screen reactedbearishly to AGA’s Wednesday afternoon storage report.

July 21, 2000

Negative Futures Influence on Cash Expected to Grow

Cash prices finally experienced some retrenchment Thursdayfollowing an awe-inspiring series of growth spurts during May, buta near-total collapse of the screen along with the usual dropoff inweekend demand is expected to result in significantly greaterdeclines today.

June 2, 2000

Cinergy Exits OH Retail, Slashes Corporate Staff

Cinergy Corp., the owner of Cincinnati Gas & Electric(CG&E), experienced a corporate makeover recently as it soldits nonregulated retail gas marketing unit, Cinergy Resources, toan integrated energy services cooperative called The EnergyCooperative (TEC) for an undisclosed sum and set plans in motion tocut its corporate center staff by more than 50%.

March 13, 2000

Transportation Notes

Coastal Gas Gathering and Processing experienced a fire Thursdayat its Dragon Trail (CO) Plant that caused one injury and limitedreceipts into Northwest, Questar, CIG and Public Service Co. ofColorado. Dragon Trail throughput was reduced temporarily to zeroFriday but was being restored by that afternoon, a spokesman said.Full output was expected to be reached by Friday night or Saturday,he said.

February 28, 2000

Most Points Mildly Softer; NYC ‘Madness’ Subsiding

With signs that the touch of winter experienced earlier thisweek in the Northeast was already starting to subside, nearly allof the cash market ranged from flat to about a dime lowerWednesday. Most production area and Midwest citygate points fell bya nickel or less. The declines of a dime or more tended to clusterin the Northeast.

December 2, 1999

Web-Based Power Trading Floor Claims Success

Houston Street Exchange said its web-based wholesale powertrading floor, HoustonStreet.com, experienced a successful firstmonth of operations as users bought and sold more than 270,000 MWh.It also said that more than 60% (70 out of 110) of the activewholesale power trading companies in the United States have eitherfully registered to trade power on HoustonStreet.com or are in theregistration process.

August 11, 1999