LNG Insight

bringing a North American focus to international LNG

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LNG Insight provides a North American perspective to the global LNG market, by tracking not only key LNG-related data within the U.S., but also important European and Asian fundamentals that may influence demand for North American natural gas exports.
Why subscribe:
  • Fundamentals-focused news and regular market commentary from expert sources
  • U.S. GOM, Western Canada, and Western Mexico LNG netback prices
  • U.S. LNG 12-month arbitrage curves to Europe and Asia
  • NGI's Henry Hub Natural Gas Price Tracker
  • LNG vessel rates, freight costs and a 12-month West of Suez vessel rate curve
  • U.S. LNG export tracker with daily feedgas deliveries to the six L48 liquefaction facilities
  • U.S. LNG export destination monitoring
  • U.S. LNG arbitrage to Europe and Asia
  • European natural gas storage, LNG regas terminal storage, and Spark/Dark spreads
  • Global LNG and natural gas future prices, including Japan/Korea, nine European countries, and Henry Hub
  • Latin American DES prices
  • North American LNG Project Tracker
How to access:
  • Web access – updated throughout the business day
  • PDF and e-newsletter
  • NGI deliver platform partners
  • Enterprise subscriptions available

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Who should subscribe:

  • North American natural gas producers needing a clear picture of global prices
  • Natural gas financial and physical traders
  • Global LNG buyers and sellers
  • Natural gas analysts, marketers, investors, and policy makers
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