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Sync Your Data to Excel Automatically

Technical Requirements: Microsoft Windows 7 or greater with Excel 2013, Excel 2016 or an Office 365 Subscription

What you’ll need: 

  • Your Excel token. Please email ngidata@naturalgasintel.com or your account representative to obtain an Excel access token.
  • The sync URL for the datafeed you’d like to import

API URLs (These will be used later) :

  • Bidweek: https://api.ngidata.com/bidweekDatafeedExcel.csv
  • Daily GPI: https://api.ngidata.com/dailyDatafeedExcel.csv
  • Forward Look (Basis Prices): https://api.ngidata.com/forwardBasisDatafeedExcel.csv
  • Forward Look (Fixed Prices): https://api.ngidata.com/forwardFixedDatafeedExcel.csv
  • LNG Flow Data: https://api.ngidata.com/lngFlowDatafeedExcel.csv
  • Mexico Bidweek Prices: https://api.ngidata.com/mexicoBidweekDatafeedExcel.csv
  • Mexico Daily Prices: https://api.ngidata.com/mexicoDailyDatafeedExcel.csv
  • Mexico Forward Prices ($US/MMBtu): https://api.ngidata.com/mexicoForwardUSDDatafeedExcel.csv
  • Mexico Forward Prices (Pesos/Gj): https://api.ngidata.com/mexicoForwardMXPDatafeedExcel.csv
  • MidDay Alert: https://api.ngidata.com/middayDatafeedExcel.csv
  • Shale Daily: https://api.ngidata.com/shaleDatafeedExcel.csv
  • Weekly GPI: https://api.ngidata.com/weeklyDatafeedExcel.csv

Importing data with Excel PowerQuery

Open Excel and navigate to to the Data tab and find the Get Data dropdown on the far left.

Open the Get Data dropdown, mouse over Other Sources and select From Web.

A box will open in the center of the screen. Switch from Basic to Advanced using the radio button at the top and enter the URL of the data (URL choices can be found at the top of this article) you want to connect to. For example, to connect to the Daily GPI datafeed, the URL would be https://api.ngidata.com/dailyDatafeedExcel.csv

In the first box under HTTP request header parameters, enter “Authorization” in the left box. In the right box, enter “Bearer YOUR_EXCEL_ACCESS_TOKEN”. Make sure to leave a space between the word “Bearer” and your token.

Next press OK and a preview of the datafeed will appear.

Click on the Load button and you’ll now have a pivot table of the datafeed file in a new Excel tab.

To refresh to the latest datafeed, you can simply click Refresh All in the Data tab at the top.