Old Dominion Electric Cooperative of Glen Allen, VA, issoliciting bids for peaking power for its 12 distributioncooperatives in Delaware, Maryland and Virginia and alternativelyis considering construction of new generation stations.

The generation is needed to meet peak demand between 2001 and2005 on both the Delmarva Peninsula and the Virginia mainland. Onthe Delmarva Peninsula, Old Dominion is soliciting capacity andassociated energy with an initial requirement for 185 MW on Sept.1, 2001, to a cumulative total of 495 MW in 2005. For its futureVirginia mainland peak power supply needs, Old Dominion issoliciting capacity and associated energy ranging from 245 MW onJan. 1, 2002, to a cumulative total of 1,040 MW in 2004. OldDominion is seeking RFPs in three categories: firm power, unitpower purchases and turnkey construction proposals.

“If, through the competitive procurement process, we receiveproposals that would provide for some or all of our cooperatives’future peaking power supply needs through cost-effective,third-party options, then we would have a viable alternative to OldDominion constructing new generation for all of our peak powerrequirements,” said Jackson E. Reasor Jr., Old Dominion CEO.”Today’s market is one of dwindling capacity resources andopportunistic price spikes. Our customers need protection frompredatory pricing. If we can’t find that in the wholesale market,we will be forced to build our own generation.”

Earlier this year, Old Dominion announced that it isinvestigating various options to meet future power needs, includingthe possible construction of multiple gas-fired combustion turbineunits at locations in Fauquier County, near the community ofRemington, and in Louisa County, near the town of Gordonsville.

“The RFP process in no way lessens our commitment to pursuingnew peak generating capacity construction projects currentlyidentified. We will pursue both options on a parallel track untilwe can determine what is the superior alternative.”

Proposals must be submitted no later than 3 p.m. Oct. 18. Theevaluation phase should be completed by Dec. 13, and negotiationsshould be completed by Jan. 28. If fewer than three conforming bidsare received, then all bids will be rejected.

Specific capacity, energy and other requirements are detailed inthe RFP, which is accessible online at www.odec.com or bycontacting Lori Fano, secretary, power supply, (804)968-4011.

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