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NGI's NANA is a real-time news and analysis service, with daily 7 AM inbox updates.

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We've got all your bases covered. With NANA you receive NGI's industry-leading news produced by veteran journalists and analysts that you can trust.

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  • • Cash, Forward, and Futures Markets Analysis, Short and Long Term Price Forecasts along with Outlooks for Storage, Weather, and Demand Spikes.
  • • Where are the rigs headed? Who's drilling and how long are the laterals?
  • • Rating the Shale Plays - production and prices.
  • • Updates on Pipeline and LNG Project construction.
  • • Changing market patterns - Moving Gas Out of the Marcellus.
  • • Changing of the guard in Washington, at FERC, the CFTC, and the EPA.
  • • Tracking the growing regulatory power of state governments and the courts.

NANA, a resource YOU can't afford to be without!

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