Articles by Ellen Beswick

Propane Shippers Request Emergency FERC Order Directing Shipments to Midwest and Northeast

Citing “dangerously low” propane supplies throughout the country, but particularly in the Midwest and Northeast, the National Propane Gas Association (NPGA) has asked FERC for an emergency order to allow, or if necessary direct, Enterprise TE Products Pipeline Company LLC to temporarily provide priority treatment to propane shipments from Mont Belvieu, TX. Read More

Columbia Gas Seeks Bids for February Gas

Columbia Gas Transmission added Friday (Jan. 24) to its continuing list (Jan. 21-23) of transport and storage critical days for portions of its Ohio and Pennsylvania marketing areas. In connection with the current storm sweeping the East, Columbia also is enforcing "specialized receipt required" at the Cecil, Paulding and Lebanon pipeline interconnects, the pipeline company reported on its electronic bulletin board. Read More

Federal Reserve Pursues Question of Banks in Commodity Markets

Citing disasters involving commodities, from the Macondo oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico to recent crude oil tanker train crashes to the Three Mile Island nuclear leak in 1979, the Federal Reserve Board on Tuesday said it was re-examining the risk involved in the physical commodity activity of financial holding companies (FHC). The banking agency issued an advance notice of proposed rulemaking seeking comment on how to limit risk. Read More

PGC's Wiggins to Take Top Post at NGSA

Dena E. Wiggins, a veteran proponent of natural gas industrial customers, is moving over to serve producers as president and CEO of the Natural Gas Supply Association (NGSA). Wiggins was elected by the NGSA board of directors recently and will join NGSA in late February. Read More