Australian LNG exports have ticked upward so far this year, driven in large part by higher volumes from the country’s east coast facilities.  

Exports reached 21.5 million tons (Mt) through March 27, up from 20.6 Mt over the same time last year, according to Kpler. The uptick came from the Australia Pacific, Gladstone (GLNG) and Queensland Curtis liquefied natural gas facilities. 

“Annual numbers show intervention in the east coast gas market last year took a toll on reserves-poor GLNG, which experienced a decline in exports from 6.1 Mt in 2022 to 5.7 Mt in 2023,” according to Australia-based consulting firm Energy Quest. East coast LNG exports operated at an average of 94% of nameplate capacity last year. Shipments were steady in 2023 at 23.3 Mt despite increased