Chilling Cold Creeps Back into Weather Outlooks, December NatGas Slides a Penny

Shoulder-season volatility -- in both weather models and natural gas pricing -- continued on Tuesday as traders appeared unsure of what to make of the latest weather data, which reflected a return to cold weather in the long range but warmer weather through the medium term. The Nymex December gas futures contract, in its first day in the prompt-month position, settled at $3.187, down 1.1 cents on the day. January slipped 1.7 cents to $3.244. Read More

Mid-November Warm-Up Puts Natural Gas Bears Back in Driver’s Seat; Cold Continues to Support Cash

After waffling just a couple of cents below the previous day’s settle for much of the morning -- and even moving into positive territory -- the latest weather models provided enough confirmation in milder mid-November trends for natural gas market bears to officially claim victory, for Wednesday’s battle at least. November Nymex futures settled at $3.166, down 4.6 cents on the day. December fell 5.6 cents to $3.227, and the winter strip (November-March) dropped 5.4 cents to $3.174. Read More

Sharp Swings Continue for Natural Gas Futures as Weather Models Shift; Spot Gas Rises

Even with warmer risks in the latest weather models, cold shots that could continue well into November led to a more than 10-cent swing in prompt-month natural gas prices on Tuesday. The Nymex November gas futures contract eventually settled at $3.212, up 7.4 cents on the day. December was up 6.9 cents to $3.283, and the winter strip (November-March) climbed 5.5 cents to $3.228. Read More

November Natural Gas Plunges 12 Cents as Cold Seen Breaking Down; Spot Gas Crashes

A pullback in heating degree days for the end of October/early November laid the groundwork for a dramatic sell-off in natural gas futures Thursday that was further pressured by Lower 48 gas production returning to near record highs in recent days. With no surprises on the storage data front, the Nymex November gas contract went on to settle at $3.198, down 12.2 cents. Read More

Cold Snaps Could Trigger Winter Pipeline Constraints in New England, Los Angeles, FERC Says

Forecasters are expecting a warmer-than-average winter this year, but prolonged periods of cold temperatures could still trigger regional pipeline constraints in New York City, Boston and Los Angeles and increase the risk of price volatility, according to the 2018-2019 Winter Energy Market Assessment released Thursday by FERC's Office of Enforcement. Read More