Transwestern issued a Critical Notice saying a low-linepack Alert Day will be in effect for all of its system Thursday. Operators who take more than scheduled at a delivery point or provide less than scheduled at a receipt point will be subject to penalty. Transwestern also cited several locations where it is seeing unsatisfactory supply performance; see the bulletin board for details.

Citing cold weather forecasts for its service area, MRT implemented a System Protection Warning (SPW) effective Wednesday until further notice. See the bulletin board for SPW conditions.

In addition to the System Overrun Limitation (SOL) that Northern Natural Gas had extended for all market-area zones through Thursday, the pipeline said it was applying the SOL to all field mids (Mids 1-16) Wednesday and Thursday. "This revision is due to significantly lower-than-normal temperatures and due to the underperformance in receipt gas from various interconnects primarily in the field area," Northern said. Continuing inclement weather in the field area was resulting in power outages and freeze-off of supplies that support market-area deliveries, it added. See the bulletin board for other details.

El Paso said linepack was at 7,500 MMcf Wednesday morning and falling "due to significant deliveries in excess of scheduled quantities. Additionally, the...system is experiencing underperformance in the the San Juan and Permian supply basins as a result of the extremely cold temperatures overnight." With Washington Ranch storage on maximum withdrawals, El Paso said it was issuing a warning of a potential Strained Operating Condition due to low linepack caused by drafting.

Noting that extreme weather has reduced its operational flexibility, Panhandle Eastern requires all delivery point operators to minimize over-takes and all receipt point operators to minimize their under-deliveries into the Panhandle system. Intraday scheduling reductions will be implemented to ensure that nominations match actual flowing quantities. Similarly, all storage customers are requested to stay at or below their Maximum Daily Withdrawal Quantity, Panhandle said. See the bulletin board for other restrictions. Panhandle also said in response to changing flow patterns, market conditions and operational limitations brought on by the extreme cold weather, effective Wednesday until further notice it is not allowing nominations for market-area receipts downstream of Edgerton Compressor Station for deliveries upstream of Edgerton.

Pacific Gas and Electric made a late announcement of a systemwide Stage 2 low-inventory OFO in effect for Wednesday but did not extend the OFO into Thursday.

Williams Field Services (WFS) said the Big Piney Station in the vicinity of its operated Opal Plant went down early Wednesday morning, and as a result it was cutting Cycle 3 nominations at Big Piney for Wednesday's gas day to align nominations with current flowing gas. Producers were encouraged to nominate based on their projected flows, WFS said.

After warning that it might become necessary, NOVA changed its imbalance tolerance range Tuesday to 0/+4 to encourage receipt of extra supplies into its system.

Westcoast, which had a line-linepack OFO in place as recently as last week, now has issued a low-linepack OFO due to system drafting.

Tennessee lifted a force majeure Tuesday after completed leak repairs around Station 17 in East Bernard, TX, and returned it to normal operations.

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