A roundup of news and commentary from NGI’s LNG Insight

  • A third LNG vessel, the Grace Fressia, has declared Freeport LNG as its destination with an estimated arrival sometime around Dec. 20, according to ship-tracking data from Kpler.
  • The vessel, chartered by Freeport offtaker Osaka Gas Co. Ltd., could take a cargo for delivery in Japan by the beginning of February if the facility meets its estimated timeline of a partial restart by mid-January.
  • If it arrives at the central Texas coast later in the month, it could join Prism Diversity and Prism Courage, which have been waiting around Freeport LNG since last month.
  • The first vessel loaded at the Coral-Sul floating LNG terminal offshore Mozambique last month is nearing its destination at a terminal at Bilbao Spain. Another...