Cash, Futures Join in Broad Decline; July Off 2 Cents

Physical natural gas for delivery Thursday slipped lower Wednesday, with most points dropping about a nickel to a dime. Next-day prices on New England pipes fell the most after posting $1.00-plus gains in Tuesday's trading. Isolated strength was seen at Marcellus points, and gas at Mid-Atlantic points fell more than a dime. Read More

Soft Cash Quotes Outgunned by Firm Futures

Most physical traders elect to get their deals done before the release of storage data, and spot prices overall moved little in Thursday for Friday trading. The big movers on the day were New England points, falling more than $1, but Mid-Atlantic locations were also soft. Read More

Spot Natural Gas Swings Widely on Weather; Futures Slide Again

Physical natural gas traded Monday for Tuesday delivery was widely mixed with prices swinging as much as 25 cents above or below unchanged. New England points suffered the indignity of having temperatures swing from summer-like conditions to well below normal within the space of 24 hours, and Chicago also saw a 15 degree drop from "summer" to normal within a day's time period as well. Read More