Tennessee Gas lifted its operational flow order action alert in its market zones (0, L, 1, 2 and 3), but maintained the alert in the market area (zones 4, 5 and 6). Actual daily flow rates cannot exceed 2% or 500 Dth, whichever is greater, of scheduled quantities or else the shipper will pay a 22 cents/Dth penalty.

Tennessee Gas said Harvest Pipeline Co., the operator of a condensate separation plant damaged by Hurricane Rita, and CDM MAX LLC, the owner and operator of a new gas dehydration and processing plant under construction in Grand Chenier, LA, expected both facilities to be operational by March 1. Tennessee said it intends to recommence normal system operations and will deliver commingled gas and condensate upstream of Grand Chenier to the Harvest facility for separation and handling. After the condensate is removed, gas will be delivered to the adjacent CDM MAX facility where it will be dehydrated and processed for removal of entrained hydrocarbons. The merchantable residue gas stream will then be returned to Tennessee. Once these two facilities are operational, producers and shippers on Tennessee’s pipeline system upstream of Grand Chenier will no longer be required to nominate gas and condensate to the Sea Hawk Pipeline delivery point. Producers and shippers will again be able to nominate gas from any Tennessee receipt point upstream of Grand Chenier to the Tennessee 800 leg pool for no transport fee, or to any Tennessee downstream delivery point. Parties needing gas processing agreements can contact Jim Cantwell with CDM MAX at (281) 379-1222. Producers should contact Robert White with Harvest at (713) 289-2622 to arrange for liquids separation and handling services at Grand Chenier.

Northern said due to single-digit and below zero temperatures in Zone EF a strained operating condition has been called for Thursday’s gas day. Columbia Gulf Transmission announced its plans to reactivate and potentially expand its interconnections with Transcontinental Gas Pipeline at Meter Station 445 in Terrebonne Parish, LA, and at Meter Station 478 in Evangeline Parish, LA. Columbia is holding an open season to test market interest in the plans, which would include a reconfiguration of Columbia’s Rayne compressor station in order to provide additional market access for increasing supplies from production basins located in Texas, Louisiana and Arkansas that are expected to access the Columbia Gulf pipeline system at or near Perryville, LA. Columbia anticipates constructing facilities to accommodate a minimum of 100,000 Dth/d of delivery point capacity at Transco-Terrebonne and to accommodate 60,000 Dth/d at Meter Station 478. It expects to place the delivery points into service on Nov. 1. The open season ends Feb. 16. For details contact John McNamara at (713) 267-4737 or jmcnamara@nisource.com, or Pete Brastrom at (713) 267-4735 or pbrastrom@nisource.com.

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