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DOI Opposes Mandatory Pre-Filing Process

Although the use of the pre-filing collaborative process inhydroelectric relicensing cases is still “too new” to determinewhether it would also work for gas pipeline projects, theDepartment of Interior says its supports FERC efforts to promote”pre-filing communications and consultations” with the agency andother stakeholders in the gas arena. However, it agreed withinterstate gas pipelines that participation in the collaborativeprocess should not be mandated.

December 14, 1998

Mitchell Plans to Reduce Staff

Mitchell Energy & Development Corp. said it plans to reduceits work force in February through both a voluntary incentiveretirement program and staff cuts, but it did not say how manypositions would be eliminated. The company currently has 1,125employees at offices in east and north Texas. Reductions areexpected throughout the company’s operating areas, not only in theHouston area.

December 11, 1998

Retail Advancing at Snail’s Pace

Enron’s announcement last week that it will be terminating itsresidential power marketing efforts in several states should be awake up call for the gas industry as well, where the pace of changetoward retail competition has been a disappointment for manyobservers.

April 27, 1998

PNGTS Work Site Dispute Settled

A U.S. federal court resolved a dispute between Portland NaturalGas Transmission System (PNGTS) and Central Maine Power (CMP) overthe use of a CMP right-of-way for the installation of PNGTS. PNGTSwas granted a motion for preliminary injunction filed against CMPin March. The court’s action gives PNGTS immediate possession ofthe property rights on CMP-owned electric transmission corridorsnecessary to install pipeline facilities approved by the FederalEnergy Regulatory Commission (FERC).

April 14, 1998
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