Futures Back Above $4.00 on Heat and Techs

Notching its first back-to-back price advance since mid-May, natural gas futures shot higher at the opening bell Monday as warmer-than-expected temperatures prompted commercial buyers to pressure the July contract through several layers of resistance. After the initial buying surge, however, the market quieted considerably, leaving prices to shuffle sideways throughout much of the session. July finished at $4.069, up 13.9 cents for the day.

June 5, 2001

Futures Yo-Yo as Techs, Fundamentals Collide

After a strong opening yesterday, gas futures were hit with awave of selling, pressuring the market down to a $2.19 midday low.From there the February contract limped mostly sideways until alate, short-covering rally trimmed losses into the close. Theprompt month finished at $2.244, down 1.6 cents for the day.

January 13, 2000