Devon’s Permian Success Lifts U.S. Oil Output 23%

A standout performance in the Permian Basin increased oil production 23% year/year in the first three months of this year, but it’s not the only racehorse in the stable, Devon Energy Corp.’s top executive said Wednesday. Encouraging results from the emerging Mississippian Lime, for example, may provide the “next leg of growth.”

May 3, 2013

Marcellus Still Hasn’t Gotten the Memo on Production Cuts

Despite dry gas production curtailments and rig lay-downs nationwide, Northeast production will grow by 1 Bcf/d from its current 8.3 Bcf/d by the end of the year as the Marcellus Shale “seems impervious to the unfavorable economics,” Bentek Energy LLC said in its Forward Curve Quarterly.

July 27, 2012

CA Spikes Lead Market Up, But Softness Seen Today

Triple-digit spikes at the Southern California border andPG&E citygate were the standout leaders of a strongly risingoverall swing market Wednesday. Virtually all non-California pointswere up between about a nickel and a quarter, with the smallestincreases tending to cluster in the Rockies.

March 29, 2001