On How Natural Gas and Oil Producers Are Better Served

Negotiations reportedly are going on to bring together onceagain the Washington lobbying activities of large oil and naturalgas producers in the form of the American Petroleum Institute (API)and the Natural Gas Supply Assoc. (NGSA).

June 29, 1998

Cool West Coast Leads Further Cash Gains

A combination of heat and cold served to keep cash prices on therise again Tuesday. Gains were fairly modest at a nickel or less inthe Gulf Coast, Midcontinent/Midwest and East Coast markets. Theywere primarily supported by continuing air conditioning load in theSouth.

May 13, 1998

KN’s Nebraska Pilot Gives 90,000 Customers Choice

Starting Friday, about 90,000 gas consumers in 165 Nebraskacommunities served by KN Energy will begin two weeks of shoppingfor alternative suppliers. Three suppliers have signed up for theone-year pilot, including KN’s unregulated energy services arm,Brighton, CO-based United Gas Service, and Public Alliance forCommunity Energy, an organization of 33 municipalities based inLincoln, NB. KN, the regulated utility, will serve as the defaultsupplier. Supply and transportation services will remain on asingle bill mailed by KN.

April 14, 1998
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