Williston, Affiliate Accused of Market Abuse

Williston Basin Interstate Pipeline (WBI), through its”surrogate” affiliate Frontier Gas Storage, has displayed a patternof preferential treatment by selling all of Frontier’s gas to itsmarketing affiliate, Prairielands Energy Marketing Inc., in anattempt to give the latter a competitive edge over non-affiliatedshippers, the pipeline’s customers charge.

June 3, 1998

Prices Down for Day But See Late Rebound

Traders saw a down-then-up pattern in many markets Monday asprice ranges tended to remain volatile, though not as large asduring Friday’s meltdown. The ups were smaller than the downs inmost cases, leaving average prices ranging from barely softer to asmuch as a dime lower. Malin saw the greatness weakness with a fallof about 15 cents, even though weekend OFOs at the Northern andSouthern California borders had ended.

May 5, 1998
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