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Mild Price Rally Is Strongest in Rockies, San Juan

A lot of cash points came close to matching the screen’s rise ofalmost a nickel Wednesday, give or take a penny or two. In additionto the futures influence, there was “a little bit” of cold here andthere to help generate a modest price rally, though still notenough cold to help much, sources said.

October 8, 1998

Storm ‘Hype’ Supports East, Alberta Prices Crater

Given mild weather, bearish storage levels and the normal slumpin weekend demand, many traders were surprised Friday to see nearlyall Eastern points stay flat or go up as much as 3-4 cents. ThoughGulf Coast numbers were “falling hard” near deadline after startingseveral cents higher, a producer surmised they were being held upat first by “hurricane hype.” Other sources also mentioned that asthe reason for the relative Eastern strength, saying they couldthink of no other explanation.

August 24, 1998

Mild Firming Expected to Reverse; Alberta Plunges

As a Daily GPI source had predicted Monday, that day’s futuresrun-up provided enough momentum to keep most cash market points onthe rise Tuesday. But don’t bet the farm on cash firmness tocontinue today, not after the screen’s headlong plunge Tuesday,several traders said. Despite heat waves remaining in the West andSouth, there is not enough in the way of fundamentals to counterthe screen’s negative influence, they said.

August 12, 1998

Short Covering Rally Buoys Futures

Follow-through on the heels of last Friday’s positive tradingsession prompted some mild short covering which bolstered futuresfor the second Monday in a row. The September contract was thebiggest mover, posting a 6.2 cent gain to settle at 1.895 on theday.

August 11, 1998

Declines Mild Except in Northeast and Southwest

The usual slump in weekend demand and moderating weather hadcash prices softening Friday, but for the most part losses weresurprisingly small considering how weak the market had seemed inthe face of record-setting heat waves earlier in the week. The onlyreally big declines hitting double digits occurred at opposite endsof the U.S.: Transco Zone 6 citygates in the Northeast, andCalifornia and San Juan Basin numbers in the Southwest.

July 27, 1998

Screen, Weather Point to Small Cash Decline

Most cash trading points were down 2-5 cents Thursday, bowing tothe mild temperatures prevalent east of the Rockies and to thescreen’s retreat of nearly 3 cents. Declines at several pointsmatched the amounts by which they had risen on Wednesday. Thesmallest drops tended to be in the West

March 27, 1998

Weather or Not, Prices on the Rise Again

The cash market once again ignored spreading mild weatherWednesday and posted price gains that were most often around anickel. Although the central and northern Atlantic Coast regionswere still feeling some late-winter chill, most of the rest of thenation ranged from spring-like to somewhat summerish. So the pricestrength again derived from the screen, sources concluded. It onlyemphasises, one said, that “this market never really has been doingwhat the weather indicates it should this winter.”

March 26, 1998

Mild Declines Clustered in East; West Mostly Flat

Prices ranged from flat to down a few cents Wednesday, with mostof the softness concentrated in the Gulf Coast, Midcontinent andChicago citygates. Columbia-Appalachia joined those points indeclines of mostly 3-6 cents, but CNG and Northeast citygates weredown only a penny or two. The declines tended to be attributed to”tracking the Nymex,” as a marketer said.

March 5, 1998

San Juan Prices Hit Hardest in General Softening

Cash prices for the weekend were down almost across the boardFriday, succumbing to mild weather and lower weekend demand.However, noting the late rebound in the Henry Hub futures contract,a marketer thinks that set the stage for a modest rally in cashnumbers today. He looks for Midcontinent pipes to move back up intothe low $2.10s.

February 23, 1998

Weather Still Mild, But Cash Prices Are Frozen

Few areas were getting below 32 degrees (F) Thursday, but cashprices seemed to be frozen in place everywhere. The market was muchlike the landscape around Houston, one source said: flat in alldirections.

February 13, 1998
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