Transportation Notes

Transwestern said Monday it was reducing capacity at the LaPlata Compressor Station to 475,000 MMBtu/d through Tuesday due to a fuel valve malfunction as well as the station operating at less than 100% of capacity and high ambient temperatures. “The high temperatures cause the [compressor] units to slow down during the daylight hours,” Transwestern said. Affected interconnects are Northwest/Ignacio, Williams/Ignacio and BP Florida. Capacity will be restored to the normal 500,000 MMBtu/d Wednesday.

June 17, 2008

Wood: Enron, California Make ‘Black-Eye Year’ for Competition

The continuing fallout from the energy market malfunction in California and the latest industry debacle, the fall of the Enron energy empire, have made this a “really black-eye year” for the future of energy competition, FERC Chairman Pat Wood told energy attorneys last Thursday.

December 3, 2001