It’s Drilling Time at Halcon Resources

Houston-based Halcon Resources Corp., which became a public company about a year ago, has been building acreage positions in several unconventional oil and gas plays and last year grew proved reserves to 108.8 million boe, an increase of 417% from the end of 2011.

March 4, 2013

Investors Seek More Transparency on Fracking

Two U.S. shareholder groups that together have more than $130 billion in investor assets on Tuesday called for more transparency by natural gas operators that use hydraulic fracturing (fracking).

December 15, 2011

Futures Climb Higher As Storage not Bearish Enough to Unseat Bulls

After three days of hyper-volatility and multi-dollar price swings, natural gas futures exhibited some semblance of normalcy Thursday as prices climbed higher in the morning on fresh gas storage data only to ebb lower in afternoon trading. With that, April completed it first day as prompt month at Nymex with a relatively uneventful 9.5-cent gain and $7.485 close.

February 28, 2003

Price Blowout! All Points Skyrocket, NE Tops $30

Swing prices exploded Monday in hyper-volatile trading featuring across-the-board multi-dollar gains, with Northeast quotes soaring to peaks of more than $30 in some cases and most Gulf Coast/Midcontinent/Midwest numbers averaging between $10 and $20. The spikes weren’t quite as spectacular in the West, but still impressive as the Rockies market soared to $6-8, Malin peaked at more than $10 and El Paso-Permian was quoted as high as $15.95.

February 25, 2003