After Florida: Diverse Energy Policies

While THE vote count continues and with little change dictatedby the elections in the energy leadership in the House and Senate,energy industry pundits were at leisure to explore energy policyscenarios under Democratic or Republican regimes and potentialcandidates to fill the top slots in either eventuality.

November 9, 2000

Nevada Utilities Take Earnings Hit

Although Nevada utilities took in stride all-time record peakelectric demand last week, drawing on a diverse supply portfoliothat includes about one-third purchased power deals under long-termfixed-prices, the major energy holding company, Sierra PacificResources, reported a $20.2 million net loss for the second quarterended June 30. The red ink was attributed to $70 million ofunanticipated fuel and purchased power price increases that werereported by the company last month.

August 9, 2000

Diverse Group Offers Restructuring Wish List

It could be argued everyone is a stakeholder in electricrestructuring, and yesterday it seems just about everyone gottogether and weighed in at Congress with the issue. A broad-basedgroup of organizations has developed a list of 23 principles itbelieves should be considered in any federal restructuringlegislation.

April 7, 2000
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