Gas, Electrics, TeleCom Industries Join on Y2K

Representatives of the major utility industries, natural gas,electricity and telecommunications, met in Houston this week tojointly address Y2K issues. Gary Gardner, chief information officerof the American Gas Association (AGA) cited interlocking activitiesas the basis for the meeting. For instance electricity powers manyof the pipeline compressor stations that keep the natural gasflowing. “Although gas companies have manual overrides that can beused in the event of an electrical power shortage or outage, fieldpersonnel posted at the compressor stations will rely ontelecommunications devices to communicate with their headquarters.

January 29, 1999

Commission Plans Second Auction Conference

FERC staff has scheduled a conference for Dec. 8th to addressall policy and technical issues associated with the Commission’sproposal to implement auctioning of pipeline capacity in theshort-term market.

November 16, 1998
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