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Shale Daily Datafeed

transparent pricing data for major shale and unconventional plays in North America

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Including transparent pricing data for shale and unconventional plays across the U.S. and Canada, Shale Daily Datafeed offers a clear database snapshot of natural gas supplies for analysts, investors and global LNG buyers. Why subscribe:
  • Database of natural gas prices for 20+ North American shale basins and unconventional plays
  • Affordable and trustworthy FERC-approved natural gas pricing data
  • Facilitate gas supply and pipeline imbalance "cash-out" invoicing, as well as mark-to-market accounting
  • Data is available in easy-to-use formats, allowing users to save time from data entry and reducing risk of human error
  • Access to pricing analysts, exceptional customer service
How to access:

Who should subscribe:

  • Natural gas analysts, marketers and traders
  • Royalty owners and landmen
  • Business strategy and financial analysts
  • Accounting, settlement, compliance and risk professionals
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