• LNG Insight service will be merged with NGI’s Daily Gas Price Index service on April 1
  • LNG Insight subscribers will continue to receive all LNG news and data, plus much more
  • LNG Insight e-newsletter and PDF will cease publication on April 1

Dear Subscribers,

NGI Notice

Effective April 1, 2024, all of the news, data and charts in NGI’s LNG Insight will be included in a new and expanded NGI’s Daily Gas Price Index service. You will receive full access to the merged product, including the e-newsletter, web and PDF versions. You do not need to take any action.  

NGI Notice

The LNG market has continued to evolve at a rapid pace and plays an important role in global energy flows, particularly since Russia invaded Ukraine. The United States has taken an outsized role in the market’s evolution. The U.S. gas market is closely linked with markets in Asia, Europe, and elsewhere more than ever before. 

U.S. storage inventories, natural gas production, spot prices, demand and other domestic market events are now an integral part of the world’s LNG trade. All of those fundamentals, and more, are tracked closely by NGI’s Daily Gas Price Index – NGI’s flagship publication.

You will continue to receive the global LNG news and data you have come to trust from NGI. By combining LNG Insight content with the plethora of additional news and data offered by NGI’s Daily Gas Price Index, coverage will be far more comprehensive and provide a deeper view of the North American natural gas market, including more than 160 daily physical spot natural gas indexes across the continent.

What this change means for you:

  • Your LNG Insight subscription will convert to an NGI’s Daily Gas Price Index subscription, and you’ll begin to receive all of that content, plus the content that was part of LNG Insight.
  • If you already subscribe to NGI’s Daily Gas Price Index, then you will continue to receive it, plus the content that was included in LNG Insight.

This change will not affect access to NGI’s LNG Data Suite, a separate product that will continue to be available via API, NGI delivery platform partners and at naturalgasintel.com.

For subscribers with questions or comments, please contact your sales representative at sales@naturalgasintel.com


Jamison Cocklin

Managing Editor, LNG