Crimson Midstream LLC and MPLX LP are gauging support for Swordfish Pipeline, an oil system that would carry supplies to the Louisiana Offshore Oil Port LLC (LOOP) to allow more onshore crude to be exported.

The multi-diameter (16-, 20- and 30-inch) batched system would be able to transport 170,000-600,000 b/d of crude, connecting supply from existing Louisiana terminals in St. James and Raceland to the LOOP in Clovelly. With enough support, the pipeline could be in service in the first half of 2020.

“Swordfish is an industry solution that provides needed capacity to local Louisiana refineries and to the Clovelly Hub based on market demands,” said MPLX President Michael Hennigan. “We believe our pipeline’s ability to be paired with existing assets will make it more competitive than alternative projects to supply refiners in the region. The pipeline would also provide needed additional capacity for exporters of North American crude.”

By leveraging existing infrastructure, the open season would offer Gulf Coast refiners and North American crude exporters a “first-to-market pipeline solution,” said Crimson COO Larry Alexander.

For information on the binding open season, which is being held through Nov. 30, contact Crimson or MPLX. Shippers also may submit confidentiality agreements to MPLX attorney Will Airhart.