With warming trends developing, several pipelines either had already canceled holiday restrictions that had been in effect over the long holiday weekend due to cold weather or were in the process of doing so. However, a few constraints were still in place Monday. Wellhead freeze-offs were reported in a couple of areas but did not affect deliveries.

Tennessee experienced some wellhead freeze-offs in South Texas (which had unprecedented snowfalls) over the holiday weekend, but they didn’t affect any deliveries, a spokesman said. All affected wells were back online by Monday. Also, an OFO Action Alert that was implemented Friday for all LMS-MA Balancing Parties with meters located in Zones L, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 to prevent overtakes remained in effect Monday but probably would be lifted soon, he said.

Matagorda Offshore Pipeline System (MOPS) had force majeure capacity allocations in place at seven platform locations Monday due to wellhead freeze-offs that began over the weekend, but the allocations had no market impact, said a spokesman for MOPS operator Northern Natural Gas (NNG). Some of the wells were restoring production Monday, he said, and the rest were expected to be coming back online Monday or Tuesday. Meanwhile, NNG canceled Saturday a System Overrun Limitation day notice for all market-area zones that had begun Wednesday.

Transwestern said it was making real-time allocation cuts due to freeze-offs of field production during the Friday, Saturday and Sunday gas days but they were discontinued Monday. The freeze-offs occurred in West Texas and affected about 75 MMcf/d, a spokeswoman said.

CenterPoint canceled Monday an Operational Alert that had been issued last Wednesday based on forecasts of cold weather in its service area.

A System Protection Warning that MRT had issued Dec. 18 was canceled at the beginning of Monday’s gas day.

Southern Star Central (formerly Williams) rescinded Saturday a System Critical Notice that had been posted on the previous Monday.

Texas Eastern continued to bar due-shipper imbalances payback and the creation of due-pipe imbalances, and was not making any Park and Loan service loans. Affiliated Algonquin also said no due-shipper gas was available and that it was restricting all forward-haul IT and approximately 11% of priority 3 nominations flowing through Stony Point.

A couple of pipes had new OFO-like restrictions in place Monday. Florida Gas Transmission had kept an Underage Alert Day notice, implemented Thursday due to mild market-area weather and high linepack, in effect through Friday and Saturday before lifting it Sunday. Then, with the weather tide turning, FGT issued an Overage Alert Day notice Monday for customers in its market area with 10% tolerance for negative daily imbalances. “Current temperatures in Florida are well below yesterday’s [Sunday] forecast,” the pipeline said. “Temperatures in central Florida are currently just above freezing, and FGT’s total linepack is very low.”

Saying its Washington Ranch storage facility was experiencing maximum withdrawals, El Paso declared an Unauthorized Overpull Penalty situation Sunday that remained in effect Monday.

Due to excess linepack, NOVA changed its imbalance tolerances to 0/-4 Saturday but restored them to the normal +4/-4 Monday.

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