Two technology firms on Thursday partnered to create an engineering and geoscience “solution” to allow unconventional oil and gas operators to incorporate microseismic data and hydraulic fracturing designs to help them model their well fractures.

Houston-based MicroSeismic Inc. would provide proprietary seismic data and Tulsa-based NSI Technologies LLC would provide its fracture design and analysis solutions to create an integrated technology solution, they said. The technology would enable oil and gas companies to integrate their completions engineering, production modeling and seismic monitoring data to optimize well completions.

“Through this partnership, we are creating an advanced engineering solution tailored to operators’ needs, one that will help them enhance their production and recovery on a well-by-well, multi-well and life-of-field basis,” said MicroSeismic CEO Peter Duncan.

MicroSeismic now provides real-time monitoring and mapping of fracturing operations in unconventional oil and gas plays worldwide. NSI, which also operates globally, provides software, training and engineering solutions to design and analyze well stimulation programs.

NSI co-founder Michael B. Smith, who is chief technology officer, added that the partnership would “provide our customers with a better understanding of the hydraulic fracturing process to optimize their well performance in unconventional resources.”