The North Dakota Department of Mineral Resources (DMR) has scheduled a one-day hearing Sept. 23 to address issues related to Bakken Shale crude oil rail transportation. DMR cited 10 areas in which the commission seeks input, including operating conditions, equipment/processes, costs, transportation safety and marketability. The DMR oil/gas division is accepting written comments in the advance of the hearing, which may be submitted by 5 p.m. CDT Sept. 22 to

Dana Murphy and Patrice Douglas, commissioners on the Oklahoma Corporation Commission (OCC), have called for a public meeting to address the state’s response to a spate of recent earthquakes, including those thought to be linked to oil and gas industry waste injection wells (see Shale Daily,July 15). “This would be an opportunity for all stakeholders to hear first-hand the latest on what’s happening in terms of the ongoing research and response,” Murphy said. “It’s very important for all to understand what’s known, what’s not known, and what the OCC and others have been and are doing…More money and equipment are being brought into the effort, with the Oklahoma Geological Survey working closely with this agency and others in the response.” Douglas, a Republican running for U.S. Congress, cited apparent criticism of the OCC quake response by Democratic state Sen. Jerry Ellis, who said the OCC should have a “game plan” for quakes. “Our game plan has involved other agencies, researchers, the governor, the secretary of energy, and more,” Douglas said. “We are recognized by our peers as being in the forefront in our response to this issue.