Gulfport Energy Corp. reportedly has the best producing well to date in the Utica Shale, according to initial production (IP) data released by the Oklahoma City-based operator.

The Shugert 1-1H well in Belmont County, OH, near Kirkwood Township recently tested for 32 hours at a maximum rate of 20 MMcf/d of natural gas, 144 b/d of condensate and 2,002 b/d of natural gas liquids. The well is expected to begin flowing to sales by early December.

The Shugert well tops the No. 1 well drilled in the Utica to date, which also was drilled by Gulfport. During a conference call in August to discuss 2Q2012 earnings, CEO James Palm said five wells had been drilled by Gulfport in the Utica, with the Wagner 1-28H in Harrison County the most promising (see Shale Daily, Aug. 16). The well was brought online in August after testing at a gross peak of 17.1 MMcf/d and 432 b/d of condensate.

Chesapeake Energy Corp.’s Kenneth Buell-8H well in Harrison County, OH, which was drilled last year, initially produced more than 1.5 Bcf over 198 production days in 2011, or 7.7 MMcf/d, and had an overall production rate that was estimated at 1,350 boe/d (see Shale Daily, April 3; Sept. 29, 2011). By itself the Buell well accounted for roughly 2% of Ohio’s total gas produced in 2011. Today the Buell is producing on average 9.5 MMcf/d and 1,425 b/d of natural gas liquids (NGL), or an estimated 3,012 boe/d, according to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.

The latest Gulfport well in Belmont County “was recently brought online from its resting period,” said the producer. When the well tests began, the wellhead casing pressure was 5,200 pounds per square inch (psi). The well was flow tested for 32 hours on a 26/64-inch choke and a flowing casing pressure of 4,840 psi. Following the test, the 14-hour casing pressure was 5,300 psi.

“Based upon composition analysis, the gas being produced is 1,204 Btu-rich gas,” said Gulfport. “Assuming full ethane recovery, the composition…is expected to produce an additional 100 bbl of NGL and result in a natural gas shrink of 17%. In ethane rejection mode, the composition is expected to yield 40 bbl of NGLs per MMcf…and result in a natural gas shrink of 9%.”

Gulfport owns an estimated 62,500 acres in the Utica. The company now holds about 14 permits to drill in Ohio, and it plans to drill 200 wells in the Ohio portion of the Utica over the next four years. Its next well in the Utica, Boy Scout 1-33H, which is in Harrison County near the Wagner well, is slated to be online by the middle of November.