Cameron LNG LLC has asked FERC to strike the Sierra Club’s request for rehearing of its approval of the company’s proposed Louisiana liquefied natural gas (LNG) export terminal because it was filed past the deadline and fails to cite required legal precedent.

Sierra Club is challenging the project approval mainly on the fact that the Commission did not consider the effects of gas production that would presumably be induced by LNG exports (see Daily GPI, July 22). Cameron said in its motion to strike that the challenge is procedurally deficient.

“The request for rehearing fails to cite any precedent or legal authority in its statement of errors,” Cameron LNG and Cameron Interstate Pipeline LLC said in their filing. “The Commission’s regulations are unambiguous: a request for rehearing must include a statement of issues that lists each issue in a separately enumerated paragraph ‘that includes representative Commission and court precedent on which the party is relying.'”

The request for rehearing “…fails to identify any precedent on which the Sierra Club relies, thereby preventing the Commission and Cameron from ensuring ‘that issues are properly identified in order to prevent wasteful litigation.'”

Additionally, the Cameron parties said, the request for rehearing was “filed with the Commission after the applicable statutory deadline set forth in Section 19(a) of the Natural Gas Act…and Part 385 of the Commission’s regulations…” Further, Sierra Club’s motion for stay is moot because it is dependent upon resolution of the request for rehearing, Cameron said.