Cal Microturbine, a Capstone Green Energy Corp. distributor, has won an order to install a 1.6 MW natural gas microturbine at a Southern California oil production site, Capstone reported Wednesday.

“Every industry has its own specialized power requirements,” said Capstone Green Energy CEO Darren Jamison. “For energy producers, much of the available oil and gas extraction means working in remote locations in complex environments, where grid power is either unreliable or nonexistent.”

The installation would comprise two Capstone C800 Signature Series microturbines configured to run on associated gas from the oil production site, reducing the need for gas flaring, management said.

Recent University of Michigan-led research concluded that flaring, a widespread oil and gas industry practice, is less efficient than previously thought. A 2021 study in Texas portion of th Permian Basin observed challenges in oil and gas operators’ ability to control flaring and venting.

“Our microturbine-based energy systems meet the needs of energy companies on every level with high power reliability, power density, low environmental impact, low noise and minimal maintenance,” said Jamison.

Although the undisclosed customer selected microturbines to ensure a reliable power supply, its primary interest was lowering site emissions by repurposing waste gas, noted Capstone.

“Cal Microturbine values the trust our oil and gas customers place in us to help them achieve their environmental goals while ensuring their power security needs are met,” said Cal Microturbine CEO Ryan Brown

Capstone expects the microturbines to be commissioned by mid-2023.