Canadian Rig Count Summary

U.S., Canada Give Up 10 Rigs Each

The United States and Canada each lost a net of 10 rigs, according to the most recent Baker Hughes tally for the week ending Nov. 20. All of the departing U.S. rigs were oil-directed. However, in Canada nine natural gas-directed rigs left, but only one oil-focused unit departed. Read More

Rigs Continue Decline; Texas Feels The Pain

It used to be that about half of the operating drilling rigs in the United States were doing their thing in the Lone Star state. Texas only accounts for about 44% of the total now, according to Baker Hughes Inc., and Texas energy payrolls are in steep decline, too. Read More

Rig Decline Not Done Yet, Analysts Say

These days, no one could accuse U.S. land drilling rigs of sticking around where they're not wanted. Rigs keep departing, and analysts say more need to go. Only some of them will return -- and not for a while, they say. Read More