Oklahoma Expands Scope of Disposal Well Directive

Four months after Oklahoma issued new rules for more than 300 disposal wells targeting the Arbuckle Formation, state regulators have expanded their scope to include more than 200 additional wells in an effort to reduce the frequency and strength of earthquakes scientists attribute to disposal well activities. Read More

Oklahoma Governor Signs Bill Limiting Local Control of Oil/Gas Activities

Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin signed a bill reaffirming the primacy of the Corporation Commission (OCC) in regulating the oil and gas industry, becoming the second state to effectively prevent localities from enacting their own regulations on energy development, including attempts to restrict or ban hydraulic fracturing (fracking) and injection wells. Read More

Texas Injection Wells Shut; New Oklahoma Rules Having Effect

After a 4.0-magnitude earthquake in North Texas on Thursday, four area drilling waste disposal well operators have shut down operations at five wells while data on seismicity in the area is collected. Meanwhile, Oklahoma injection well operators are living in a different world following quake-minded regulatory initiatives. Read More

Rigs: Fewer Falling, Many Waiting to Return

As with the overall rig count, declines occurring in U.S. unconventional basins appear to be leveling off, according to Baker Hughes Inc. data for the week ending Thursday April 2, and NGI analysis. However, the downturn has cut the rig census by roughly half, and there are plenty of high-efficiency rigs ready to get back in the game, analysts said. Read More