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RRC Sunset Bill Bound For Texas House Floor

The Texas House is expected to discuss the Railroad Commission of Texas (RRC) Sunset Bill (HB 1818) on Tuesday. As it stands, the bill would reauthorize the commission for 12 years and require it to establish a policy that encourages use of alternative dispute resolution (ADR), among other things.

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EPA Enforcement Secures $13.7B in FY 2016

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency secured $13.7 billion during fiscal year 2016 from companies to control pollution, including several in the oil and natural gas industry, the agency said Monday in its annual enforcement results release. Read More

FERC Office of Enforcement Staff Sought $567M in Civil Penalties in FY2016

Staff of FERC's Office of Enforcement (OE) sought to recover more than $567 million in civil penalties and $45 million in disgorgement through litigation work in Fiscal Year 2016. The most significant shift in the nature of the Division of Investigations (DOI) work during the year was the amount of time spent litigating in federal District Court, OE officials said Thursday. Read More