Due to continuing cold in Florida, Florida Gas Transmission issued an Overage Alert Day for market-area customers with a 15% tolerance on negative daily imbalances.

After ending a previous System Protection Warning (SPW) Wednesday, MRT issued a new one effective Thursday until further notice due to cold weather in its market area. St. Louis temperatures were about 24 degrees at mid-morning Wednesday, the MRT bulletin board reported; see the bulletin board for SPW conditions.

Tennessee lifted Tuesday evening an OFO Critical Day 1 for Zones L, 1 and 2 but said an imbalance warning that became effective last Friday remains in effect.

Southern canceled Wednesday a Type 6 OFO for short imbalances that had been implemented Sunday. Southern added that it was ending capacity allocations for 19 system groups that also began Sunday.

Pacific Gas and Electric did not extend a systemwide high-inventory OFO beyond Wednesday.

Destin Pipeline declared a force majeure, saying it had been notified that the Pascagoula (MS) Gas Plant was experiencing operational problems, resulting in Destin being unable to take nominations from offshore receipt points effective Wednesday until further notice. Onshore receipt points are not affected, Destin said.

CenterPoint issued an Operational Alert due to unscheduled pipe and compressor maintenance at the core Perryville Hub delivery area in northeast Louisiana. The work began Tuesday and is scheduled to continue until the start of Saturday's gas day. See the bulletin board for descriptions of the maintenance and anticipated impacts.

Citing increased throughput that would result from completion of Pocatello (ID) Compressor Station maintenance Wednesday and the recent levels of northbound primary firm nominations through Kemmerer (WY) Compressor Station, Northwest said it will lift Thursday a Recall Advisory and OFO at Kemmerer. The OFO was issued Dec. 1 in order to reduce primary firm nominations to the operational capacity of 675,000 Dth/d. Because of colder temperatures and other factors, Northwest said, current operational capacity of Kemmerer is approximately 700,000 Dth/d, and customers should keep in mind that for the upcoming holiday week primary firm nominations in excess of 700,000 Dth/d at Kemmerer could result in the declaration of another OFO.

Texas Eastern reported completing repairs on a unit and returning it to service at the Bernville (PA) Compressor Station (see Daily GPI, Dec. 15), and it said limited capacity became available Tuesday for gas sourced upstream of Bernville/Marietta for downstream delivery. In addition, limited capacity was available Wednesday for gas sourced upstream of Bernville/Eagle for downstream delivery, the pipeline said. Due to a continuing outage at the Entriken (PA) Compressor Station, it estimated experiencing a capacity reduction of approximately 65,000 Dth/d through and downstream of Entriken. Texas Eastern also reminded customers that it continues to experience high demand on the system and thus requires them to either stay in balance or run a positive imbalance.

Southern California Gas declared force majeure in taking Unit #2 out of service Tuesday at its Goleta storage field due to water being found in crankcase oil. The utility said a loss of 15 MMcf/d in injection capacity will be in effect until further notice.

Tennessee said all physical flow will be suspended at the Toca meter in southeast Louisiana Thursday through Saturday as it does a levee relocation/pipe replacement project. Based on current nominated levels at Toca, Tennessee anticipates potential restrictions through 100% of Secondary Out of Path nominations there.

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