In its efforts to make energy operations in the state more transparent, the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) on Monday launched an online service that details natural gas and oil production and compliance information.

DEP Secretary John Hanger said the public reporting website allows access to production statistics for drilled wells in the state, including historical data. A separate web page allows users to view violation data, by operator, as well as the department's enforcement measures.

"The public reporting website will create much needed transparency that allows for citizens and policymakers to be aware of the increasing amount of natural gas being generated in Pennsylvania," said Hanger. "This is an industrial activity that is taking place widely throughout the state. It's important that families know what is happening in their backyards and whether or not the company drilling there has a good track record of safe and environmentally sound operations."

The website,, enables users to search all production data by operator, county or a specific well number. Information on industry-generated waste may be viewed by operator, county or processing facility.

Act 15 of 2010 required Marcellus Shale operators to report to DEP their well production totals from July 1, 2009 to June 30, 2010 by Aug. 15. Subsequent reports on Marcellus production are due every six months. All other oil and gas production besides Marcellus wells must be reported annually.

"It is absolutely essential for the oil and gas industry to be excellent in their operations to protect public health and our environment," Hanger said. "This information will allow the public to see which operators are leading the way in a safe and environmentally conscious manner and which ones need to address their operating procedures."

The violation, inspection, and enforcement information is available for 2008 through 2010 to date, including resolved violations for the three-year span. Information for 2010 is available year-to-date or monthly. The violation reports may be accessed at by clicking on the section "Gas Well Violations."