NuStar Energy LP is seeking customers for a 60,000 b/d expansion of its Midland Trunkline that would transport Permian Basin crude oil to a connection on the Gulf Coast for export access.

The San Antonio, TX-based midstreamer is holding a binding open season through Dec. 20 for support to expand its 20-inch diameter Midland Trunkline, which runs from the Stanton Terminal to Midland Junction, by adding pump upgrades at the Stanton Terminal.

The expansion, expected to be in service before the end of March, would then connect to the 600,000 b/d Epic pipeline, due online in January, at Midland Junction. Epic is also in the middle of an open season to boost its capacity; the project is expandable to transport up to 900,000 b/d.

NuStar exported its first shipment of long-haul Permian crude from its Corpus Christi terminal in August. CEO Brad Barron said the increased utilization at the South Texas terminal is now leading “the impending wave of Permian long-haul crude oil.” The company is also expanding its storage capacity at the facility, bringing the total capacity to 3.9 million b/d by the end of the year.

NuStar is offering up to 90% of the expanded Midland Trunkline capacity to shippers making long-term, ship-or-pay commitments. At least 10% is available for walk-up shippers.

Information about the open season is available online. NuStar has about 9,900 miles of pipeline and 74 terminal and storage facilities that store and distribute crude, refined products and specialty liquids. Its combined system has 74 million bbl of storage capacity.