Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Tuesday while visiting Mexico signed a transportation agreement between the Texas Department of Transportation and the Ministry of Communications and Transportation of the United Mexican States to promote collaboration on border infrastructure projects. Texas and Mexico also announced the creation of an energy task force to foster economic growth. The energy task force, among other things, will focus on natural gas and electric power infrastructure connecting the United States and Mexico, the governor's office said. "The state of Texas recognizes the importance of its long term partnership with Mexico, which is why we must continue to expand our dialogue on issues such as border security, transportation and energy," Abbott said. "Texas and Mexico meet at the center of North America's vast energy resources, and this task force will provide a unique opportunity to enrich economic growth and development for both sides."

A California state delegation met recently in Mexico with Mexican energy officials working toward an energy and climate change agreement, California Energy Commission (CEC) officials reported Tuesday. The meetings are a start at reaching agreement on establishing various collaborative programs related to clean energy development and regional efforts to lower greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. CEC representatives, along with officials from Stanford University, the University of California, and business leaders in the state held meetings with Mexico's Ministry of Energy and other key representatives from the nation's energy sector, governmental agencies, academic institutions and various nongovernment organizations, a CEC spokesperson said. Participants agreed on the need for more cross-border partnership to deploy added clean energy technologies to stimulate additional private investment, economic development and ultimately job creation, according to representatives from the Mexican energy sustainability fund, Fondo de Sustentabilidad Energetica.