Friday December 26, 2014 will be considered a holiday for both daily and bidweek natural gas trading and NGI's price surveys. This is based on feedback from market participants to NGI's notice of the proposed change, published in the Nov. 24 issue (see Daily GPINov. 24 and NGI's Shale Daily, Nov. 24).

Making December 26 a holiday will change regular and Bidweek trading dates as follows:

  1. Daily GPI and Shale Daily trades transacted on Wednesday, Dec. 24 will be for flow Thursday, Dec. 25 -- Monday, Dec. 29.
  2. Dec 26 will be a bidweek holiday. Therefore, January 2015 bidweek trading will encompass Tuesday, Dec. 23, Wednesday, Dec. 24, Monday, Dec 29, Tuesday, Dec. 30 and Wednesday, Dec 31.