American LNG Marketing LLC was granted its second free trade agreement (FTA) authorization to export containerized liquefied natural gas (LNG) from Florida.

The latest authorization from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) is to export up to 30.2 Bcf/year of LNG sourced from a liquefaction facility proposed for Titusville, FL, and to be constructed by American LNG affiliate TICO Development Partners LLC.

The LNG is to be delivered into approved ISO containers (truck- or rail-mounted), then loaded onto container ships or roll-on/roll-off oceangoing carriers for export at the nearby Port Canaveral or other ports in Florida capable of handling such ISO containers without modification (including Port Everglades, Port of Miami, Port of Palm Beach, and Port of Jacksonville), according to the DOE order [15-19-LNG].

Last March American LNG received FTA authorization to export LNG in the same fashion from a liquefaction facility currently under construction in Medley, FL, at the Hialeah Railyard (see Daily GPI, March 23). That authorization was for 3.02 Bcf per year. Because the volumes in the previous order and in the most recent order are to be produced from two different liquefaction facilities, the volumes are additive, DOE said. Therefore, the latest order brings American LNG’s FTA export authorization to 33.22 Bcf/year.

American LNG is controlled by Fortress Equity Partners (A) LP, which is sponsored by entities related to Fortress Investment Group LLC (Fortress).

TICO has secured a 65-acre site in Titusville for the liquefaction facility. It is part of a 230-acre parcel called the Titusville Logistics Center. According to American LNG, businesses and assets near the center include a rail corridor owned by Florida East Coast Railway, a Florida-based freight railroad controlled by Fortress that operates a 351-mile freight rail system between Jacksonville and Miami.

American LNG said construction of the Titusville facility will have a total production capacity of 1,000,000 gallons of LNG per day (82.6 MMcf/d), with a storage capacity of 5 million gallons. American LNG states that it will purchase some or all of the output of the Titusville Facility from TICO.

“…[T]he Titusville Facility will be connected to the domestic natural gas supply market through an interconnection constructed by Florida Gas Transmission, near existing lateral lines located south of the proposed Titusville facility and west of the Orlando Utilities Commission’s nearby generating facility,” the order said. “American LNG further states that, through Florida Gas Transmission’s upstream interconnections, it will be able to source natural gas from a variety of suppliers in the domestic market.”

The likely destination of exports will be FTA nations in the Caribbean and Central America, according to the order.